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North Molton Sports Club was created on the 16th July 1984 when the football and cricket clubs amalgamated. The clubhouse opened on the 29th July 1985. The club was renamed as the North Molton Sports and Community Centre in 2006. This webpage shows the different activities and events that can (and already have) be held in either the club house, or the sports hall.

Sports teams and clubs based at the club cover 3 different sport types, 2 are ball sport although one involves a bat and the other a lot of running and kicking, and the 3rd contains a racket and a shuttle cock. I am of course talking about cricket, football and badminton in that order.

As well as having these clubs, the sports club regularly holds events in those fields for the younger generations mainly. For example, there is a football tournament for teams of the under 8's, 10's, 12's and 14's in one weekend and 7's, 9's, 11's and 13's the next weekend.

It may be a sports club, but the club house and then sports hall have seen different sorts of events since they've been built. It is as much a community centre for the entire village and surround areas with events such as wedding parties, anniversaries, karaoke parties, discos and even christening parties taking place at the club house.


NMSCC is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club providing sports facilities for the village of North Molton and the surrounding communities. In addition, the Centre’s facilities are used by members, local schools, charitable organisations and the community for fêtes and leisure activities. The Clubhouse and the Sports Hall are used regularly by the community for Wedding and Christening receptions, young farmer events and parties. Charity events such as the annual CLIC fundraising buffet/dance which attracts some 500 people and the South West Lions handicap games have been hosted by NMSCC.

NMSCC successfully applied to DEFRA for a grant to create a woodland area with picnic tables and a very large car park. The improved access to the club allows coaches to enter the car park.


North Molton Sports Club owes a huge debt of gratitude to all the people, past and present, who have voluntarily given their time and expertise to build up the club and all its facilities to what it is today.

For years the football and cricket teams had to make do with playing in different fields around the village which local farmers or the Estate made available to them. In 1982, Eddie Snow, John Palfreyman and Bill Rumsam met in the Poltimore Arms and agreed to amalgamate the clubs, purchase the playing fields, build a new clubhouse and form the North Molton Sports Club. In 1985 the clubhouse was built with the help of local businesses and a great deal of local voluntary labour.

The most recent coming together of the local community was to fundraise to build the extension to the Sports Hall. The profit from the Clay Shoot and charity auction alone, thanks to the enthusiasm and organisational skills of Gareth Clark, raised nearly £21,000 in May 2008. In October the following year, Marcus Trescothick opened the new £210,000 changing facilities and unveiled a plaque to the memory of Bill Rumsam, a major benefactor, who did so much to make the centre what it is today. These developments meant North Molton could truly be proud of its sporting heritage and current facilities. The North Molton clubhouse, the sports hall and the playing fields, along with all the various sporting clubs which are based there, would do credit to a town many times the size of our village.

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